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My name is Kenji Sasaki and I am a full time trader in forex and other financial markets, I have spent more than 40 years investing in this exciting world and thanks to my experience I can say that I have lived from it for some time.

I have managed to create some strategies that if you do them correctly it is very difficult to have losses and in this way to be able to live trading.

Markets always behave in the same way so the most important thing is to find the right moment where we must operate.
If you want to live trading and get a monthly salary and so do not have to work for anyone and have your time to do what you want, follow this strategy in the way that I will explain below because you can get it too.

This strategy is quite simple and effective, anyone with a little knowledge in the financial markets could do it without any problem.

The strategy includes:

• How and when to use the strategy?
• When should we close the position?
• Stop loss and take profit
• What percentage risk per operation? (Risk Management)
• What capital do I recommend to do trading?
• Emotional Control